Engine bay cleaning and treating £10.00
Have you ever looked under the bonnet of your car lately? It can go months...even years without being cleaned!
Freeing your engine up from dirt, grime and grease can help it run cooler and more efficiently.
Keeping your engine and bay area under the hood properly cleaned and protected is very important,  we drive our vehicles in all different types of weather conditions.
We’re faced with snow, ice, rain, mud, dust, rock salt, oil and many other things that get tossed up in the engine bay as we drive. This accumulates in the engine bay and can eventually cause your hoses to dry, crack, split and lead to larger problems that can cost a lot of money. Cleaning at owners risk
                   ROOF LINER CLEANING FROM £10.00
Have you ever looked up in your car, your roof can get quite dirty from finger prints and everyday grime
With a bit of elbow grease and using our cleaning solution we can remove 90% of stains and dirt
Please note: not all roof liners can be cleaned and 10% of stains can't be removed