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Gosforth car cleaning service - mobile valet in south gosforth
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stain removal from car seat, spilled drink, messy kids and vomit/ sick clenaing
The areas splash-n-dash car valets cover
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mobile valet in newcastle

mobile car valet Newcastle Upon Tyne

splash-n-dash mobile car valet Newcastle with some before and after shots 

This mobile valet was completed at our customers home is Jesomnd Newcastle upon Tyne

Our van are fully equipped with water and electricity so if you want a mini valet or a full valet and are at home or at work our mobile service can do any job and with no disruptions 

cramlington valet service

If your thinking of getting you car valeted then give Splash-n-dash a call we have plenty of availability!
DIAMOND (full) VALET - FROM £45.00
GOLD (interior only) VALET - FROM £35.00
Multiple/corporate car discounts available please contact for more info.- Full liability insurance & trade insurance
- Fully trained (LOCAL ONLY) staff 
-we supply water and electricity
- use non caustic cleaning chemicalswww.splash-n-dash.co.ukGive us a try, you won't be disappointed!

interior car valet - water spots removal

do you have water spots or drink marks on your interior, if you get our gold service we can almost guarantee we can remove them all revamping your interior  

mobile valet whitley bay

Want your motor as clean as this?
Call us on 07496330614
Visit @ www.splash-n-dash.co.ukThis Mercedes's got our Full valet £45.00 plus optional double coat of our most durable wax

car valeted at work Newcastle upon tyne

Lovely Audi valeted while our Customer is stuck in the office.
If you need you car cleaned but at work all week don't worry, our van is fully equipped with both water and electricity so we can complete any job anywhere!

car valets in gosforth newcastle

if you live in the gosforth area and need you var cleaned, our mobile service car come to your home and valet your car while you wait in the comfort of your own home 

This Audi had our full diamond valet bringing it back to its former glory 

Paint protection service Newcastle upon tyne

If you have a new car and looking for a little protection for that fresh paint give us a call to speak to us about our paint protection services 

This alpha had our silver valet plus paint protection services 

mobile car valet Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne

If you like a little off roading you can sympathise with this customer mud just gets everywhere!!

This valet was completed in Jesmond at the customers workplace, if you car looks a bit like this give us a call on 07596330614 i am sure we can bring it back to new again 


splash-n-dash mobile car valet Newcastle Upon Tyne

another Audi in for its monthly maintenance clean.

Each month our customer gets our silver service with extra wax to seal this lovely paint.

getting our silver service is a great way to keep on top of your vehicle

proffesional car cleaing services newcastle

Splash-n-dash Valeting services
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✔️FULL VALETS
✔️FLEET CLEANING NO JOB IS TO BIG!! Visit us at www.splash-n-dash.co.uk

car valeing service gosforth

Lovely Audi valeted while our Customer is stuck in the office.

If you need you car cleaned but at work all week don't worry, our van is fully equipped with both water and electricity so we can complete any job anywhere! Visit us at www.splash-n-dash.co.uk ...

this audi had a premium valet (diamond valet) and we topped up his paint with some real durable wax ...FOR FREE

range rover and porche valet in benton newcastle

what you see below is a lovey range rover autobiography and a porche 911 after we completed our diamond valet

Both car look stunning


If you have just got you new/new used car and would like a little something extra to protect it then give us a call we don't charge the outrages £200-£300  for application like the main dealers or even £100 like other valeteing company's in the local area we only charge £30.00 ontop of one of our valets.

Bet your asking yourself  how we charge so little if dealers and other company's charge upwards of £100?

well they are ripping you off! 

have a look around, find quotes to see how much other people charge and I believe we are the cheapest in north east

it take 45 mins to do on top of your valet and  should protect your car for about one year (manufacturer states that it lasts up to five year with the correct after care, but we think that is unrealistic)  but in this year you shouldn't have to wax your car again, it give an amazing finish to both new and used cars and help protect you paint from bird droppings, paint fading, swirl marks and the list goes on

using the link below go to out paint protection page to learn more

mobile car valeters cramlington

If you work in Cramlington  and need a car valeted look no further, splash-n-dash has a wide customer base in the industrial estates of cramlingtion so we are in that area on a frequent basis, our van is fully equipped with water and electricity so you wont have any disruption to your business/place of work

if you would like to know the services we offer on  mobile basis go to this link

mobile car valet service newcastle upon tyne

If you live in Wallsend or local Newcastle area and cant make it down to our unit splash-n-dash offer a full mobile service....fully mobile? our van(s) have on board water, electricity supply all equipment  and chemicals required to complete anyjob with no disruptions to you at home, place of work or your business


if you live in Newcastle and need a reliable, well trained, fully insured valeting service  then look no further, splash-n-dash valeting centre in Wallsend is for you, we have very competitive prices both if you come to us and we come to you, and if you have a look at our gallery you will see we deliver a very good service!

good mobile valeters in newcastle

if your looking for a good reliable valeting service in Newcastle for  work fleets and or employees vehicles than give us a  call, we have a wide range of services and have multiple car discounts in place  for people booking four or more cars.
if you chose our mobile service we carry the water supply and electricity so you have no disruptions to your business which is so important for many businesses.
below we have posted a few of the cars our team has cleaned recently

Mobile car valeting in newcastle

Need your car valeted at work or at home then ring splash-n-dash, we cover the whole of Newcastle and with our on board water supply and electricity we can valet almost anywhere.


if work in the cramlington area and need a mobile car valet call us at splash-n-dash, our van has its own water supply and electricity so we can work anywhere
 the services we have for our mobile customers are silver valet, this is out smaller service but does both interior and exterior and is a great option to keep your car looking new, this service costs £26.00 mobile and £31.00 for 4x4, if you want 4 or more aka block booking prices start at £20.00 per vehicle and is a very popular option for the work place as we can do up to 10 car per day and is a gate saving the customer
 if you car has not been looked after as well I we all should :) then we offer full interior & full valets, full interior mobile valet costs from £35.00 and this includes deep cleaning of the seats and carpets the same with our diamond "full" valet, and that starts at £45.00.
 we also have optional extras with any of our services like high grade waxes that offer a great long lasting protection and shine to yoyr cars paint http://www.splash-n-dash.co.uk/-UPGRADED-WAXES-.html
we are fully insured car valeters and have been doing this for many years and we are comfortable  saying we are one of if not the best in Newcastle upon tyne

newcastle upon tyne cheap valet ervice, mobile valeting

if you need a good car valet service we are the guys you want we do from cheap run about to high end vehicles visit out website for more info 

car valets wallsendm newcastle, fully insured pick up drop off

if you live in our local area and need your car washed, fully valeted or anything in between here at splash-n-dash we do it all, we are fully insured to pick your car up, drop it off, offer a mobile service for those of you who cant make it hear. give us a call on 07596330614 or email me at info@splash-n-dash.co.uk

wallsend town centre, car wash and valeting

live in wallsend or surrounding areas and need your car valeted call splash-n-dash, we offer a wide range of services from quick wash to a full valet, machine polishing, paint protection and much more

new and used car paint protection in wallsend newcastle upon tyne

Just got your car and want a little extra protection on that paint or don't have the time to wax your car once a month as required then paint protection is for you,

Due to environmental demands, car manufacturers now have to use water based paints.  Whilst being environmentally safe, they are prone to fading and oxidisation.
Diamondbrite is made from refined rock oils that are formulated into a 2 stage process so that each product compliments the next and builds up to create a tough durable glaze
The hard, high gloss protective skin that it creates prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants from contacting directly with your cars paintwork/ Another benefit is the car fading from ultraviolet light is virtually eliminated as is nitrate etching caused by bird droppings
Once paint treated and has the right aftercare, this product states you do not have to wax your car for up to six years


If you need  professional ailing service and live in Newcastle upon tyne, pop down to our unit and see what we are all about, we offer a wide range of services from mini to full interior and exterior valets and have a fully stocked van with its own supply and electricity so we can offer home or business visits

splash-n-dash car valets on facebook

if you want to keep up to date with our services special offers, photos & maybe the odd video of our services use link below and like our Facebook

car valets wallsend, splash-n-dash valeting

Need more than a quick hand wash or mini valet come to splash-n-dash we offer a wide range of service's from full detailing to a quick hand wash and even our basic of services is done with care and result in mind, we are truly trying to stand as far away as possible from the "local hand car washes" trying to offer then best services at competitive prices, if you try us once we can guarantee you will use us again, all we hear is good things from out customers and its very rarely we don't turn a new customer into a repeat customer. call us today or pop down to our unit look at the cars we have in some of the work we do and you will be surprised at the work we do..... we're that good :)

mobile car valets newcastle, splash-n-dash pick up drop off service

If you need you car valeted and want our mobile service but its not available our fully insured driver/owner can pick your car up from your home or workplace and bring it back to you at the end of the day some of the areas we can pick up from is Whitley Bay, Monkseaton, West Monkseaton, Wellfield, Whitley Lodge, Seaton Sluice,  Dudley, Cramlington, Seaton Burn, Annitsford, Wideopen, Seghill, Seaton Delaval, New Hartley, Brunswick Village, Brunswick Green, Hazelrigg, Dinnington, Ponteland, South Gosforth, Gosforth, Wallsend, High Heaton, Silverlink, Battle Hill, Blyth, North Shields, Tynemouth, Earsdon, Bedlington, Blyth, Byker, Forest Hall, Benton, Longbenton, Fourlane Ends and Killingworth & many more.
If you do not live in any of the areas above and would like to use our pick up drop off service please call us on 07596330614

splash-n-dash car valets and detialing in wallsend

dash is now open we have had great feedback, we have been very busy and some great reviews safe to say we went from been the best at mobile to the best valeting centre in Newcastle upon tyne, bring you car down and you wont be disappointed






car valet stain removal, fabric protaction

If you need stains removed from the seats of your car or had a spill in the car and need a emergency clean up call us or pop straight down and we can clean for you, we know how messy kids can be or a drunk friend after a night out , we will clean it all at splash-n-dash no jobs to big or to small


If your car needs a good cleaning we have it all at splash-n-dash car valets and detailing unit 2 Maurice road industrial estate wallsend newcastle upon tyne.  we do quick washes with CAR SAFE CLEANERS AND  CAR SAFE METHODS, mini valets, interior valets, full valets if you need something a little more special we do a bunch of services to battle most problems, we have engine bay cleaning, roof liner cleaning, tar removal, full leather conditioning, machine polishing, cheapest paint protection for new and used cars, at a fraction of the price from dealers, clay bar valets fabric protection and much more, we want a new splash-n-dash cantre to be the one stop shop for valet & detailing in Newcastle upon tyne, we are not a hand car wash you see everywhere we are  professionals, we are time served detailers with over ten year experience  and would love for you to give us a try

car valets, detailing and mobile valetinig newcastle upon tyne

If you live in Jesmond, Heaton, walker gate or Wallsend you are only a couple minutes away from our detailing centre so why not pop down and see what its all about, we offer a wide range of service and cheap prices for the work we do. we open our doors on Saturday 01/03/2014 at 09:00 so come on down

splash-n-dash car valets on facebook and twitter for offers

if you would like even cheaper prices for valets or detailing services at a reduction in price follow us on facebook and twitter and well post offers and discount to friends, that only fb friends will get..

use links below to find us

cheap valets and services splash-n-dash valeting centre offers

Some of the budget services we offer at the centre are great options to keep your car clean between full valets and full mini valets.

Newest budget services 

Basic wash £5.00
  • Pre rinsed
  • Washed with wash n wax
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Towel dried
  • Exterior windows cleaned

Mini valet £10.00
  • Pre rinsed
  • Washed with wash n wax
  • Dried
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Light vacuum
  • Dash dusted      

any of these services is a great option to chooses if you plan to get your car cleaned once week or every other week, please not on our mini valet a light vacuum will not remove 100% of debris and mats to not get cleaned

splash-n-dash car valet and detailing in newcastle upon tyne

If you live in Wallsend, or Newcastle area and want your car valeted our centre should be the first place you choose, we offer a wide range of services from a quick wash to full detailing services and our highly trained, fully insured Valeters will complete the work to the highest of standards!

splash-n-dash was established in 2010  and managed to build up a great reputation as a mobile service, now with the launch  our detailing centre we are able to offer the same high quality services with lower prices to our loyal and new customers alike!

We are not like the "hand car wash"you see popping up everywhere,  we are a professional valet & detailing centre with time served detailers so we take great pride in what we do  and offer the highest quality work , technique, equipment and chemicals to insure your car gets the best treatment available   

The splash-n-dash centre is two minutes walk away from wallsend metro station, wallsend town centre and its shops, cafes and restaurant’s so you have plenty to do if you choose to leave your car with us

If you use one of our smaller services you can put your feet up in our customer waiting room and enjoy a hot cup or tea or coffee from our vending machine while we take care of your car

If you decide to use the splash-n-dash mobile service we supply the water &electricity so whether you are at work or at home there will be no disruptions.

car valet service newcaslte upon tyne, car detailing wallsend

Need you car washed, valeted, clay bar contamination detail, paint protection, machine polished etc we can do it all we are not a hand car wash, me and my partner has been in the game for years we have the best knowledge you could ask for when looking for a car clean specialist , head down to our unit in 2 Maurice road Ind Est, Ne286by and try us out and I guarente you will be happy with the result, we started out 4/5 years ago with a little mobile round and now opening our own studio that will dwarf the competition in Newcastle. follow us on Facebook and twitter for even cheaper prices

Best car valeter & valeting service in newcastle upon tyne

looking for a good, insured & well experienced valeter in Newcastle upon tyne, come and visit us at our unit in wallsend and have a look at our gallery online


Live in Newcastle, wallsend and want a professional car valeters who will take care of you car...come and visit us at 2 Cecil court Maurice road industrial estate Wallsend,  Me and my partner are time served motivated valet/detailers and take huge pride in our work and combined been doing this for over 14 year. we are not a "hand car wash" and you will see in the finished product of our jobs, we welcome anyone down on 01/03/2014 when our doors open! our studio is just past segedunum, near Wallsend metro and the town centre so plenty to do while we clean your car or you can use out customer waiting room with free coffee and tea available

just clean your car....WE CARE FOR IT!!


splash-n-dash car valet and detailing wallsend

splash-n-dash mobile car valets will now be based at 2 Cecil court Maurice Ind Est wallsend NE28 6BY, will offer the same  high quality service with additional  high spec and budget services so stay tuned, our doors will be opening 01/03/2014 and our mobile service will be running but we need a few days notice. please come down so we can get you fitted in 


mobile car valet wallsend, valet and detailing garage opeining soon

Our mobile service gave this Audi a3 a full valet in the Walker gate/Wallsend area, live locally and give us a call
we will be opening our garage soon but until then we will offer the same mobile service as normal

splash-n-dash opening a detailing and valet garage soon in the ne28 area

As we plan to open our valet and detailing garage in the next few weeks we have upgraded all our equipment, we will offer all our already cheap services even cheaper some of the services we offer are
Paint protection
Clay bar valet
Mini and full valets
Machine polish
Roof liner cleaning
Engine bay cleaning
Upgraded waxes and sealers

cars valet and detailing in walker gate, wallsend, cheap valets, opening soon

Hi customers, if you live in walker gate or Wallsend area and want a good reputable company that's been doing this for years, you want piece of mind knowing  fully insured and trained valeters/detailers are dealing with your pride and joy...look no further splash-n-dash is for you.. our unit should be opened very soon and we welcome you all to come down and give us a try

mobile valet wallsend opening valet and detailing unit/ garage

as we get ready to open our detailing and valet centre in wallsend,  we thought we would post some of the work we done in the local area lately.

MOBILE VALET SERVICE, valet and detailing center wallsend

To all splash-n-dash customers, if you live in Wallsend or local area we will be opening our very own valet and advanced detailing center very soon, we will offer the same great service at cut prices, new services and our sessional services all year round.

free services, cheap valets, offers and deals in whitley bay and newcastle upon tyne

Over the next few month we will be offering free extras on our services. discounted prices on valets, competitions for free valets and much more, to be involved please like our Facebook fan page and keep checking in

mobile valet service whitley lodge newcastle upon tyne

This RS Turbo is one of my favourite cars we have done to date, we love our old cars, this ford got out diamond service, engine bay cleaning and dodo juice wax. we understand that with older cars although they are built to last (unlike cars today)  when it comes to cleaning some of the stronger products cant be used, that's why we recommend using a service like us as we recognise the risks when it comes to cleaning ones pride and joy

mobile valet service in seaton delival


mini mobile valet woith dodo juice wax

this Citroën got our silver service and half price dodo juice wax as booked in this week, if your out facebook friend it would have been free