Things to know before getting valeted
Insurance - If you choose us or another valeting company always ask if the valeter is insured!!
All companies should have public liability insurance, you can ask to see a copy of their insurance if you are unsure they have cover. Public Liability Insurance will cover accidents to a third party or yourself. It will also cover accidents to your vehicle, for example a valeter accidentally drops a piece of equipment on your car and causes scratches or dints
As we are professionals we have a good degree of knowledge and therefore negligence should not occur.
You get what you pay for - With all things in life, you get what you pay for, you cant expect your car to look in showroom condition if you go for the cheapest or smallest valet. You have to know what you need and check what you getting before you book the valet  
Word of Mouth - Word of mouth can be a great way to find a valeting company but not all cars are the same, they could of valeted your friend's VW but never valeted a Range Rover and they might not have the right equipment to safely carry out the valet, have a look at their website, if you cant see their work and see what they can do, don't use them!
Washing - A wash mitt should be a valeters best friend, unlike a sponge that holds contaminants on the surface and can leave light scratches on your paint, a lambswool mitt or a micro cloth mitt will push the contaminants up the mitt and remove it from the surface to minimise the chance of scratches, to guarantee no scratches make sure they use the two bucket system one with the shampoo for washing and a second filled with water to wash the dirt out the mitt before putting it back into the water/shampoo mixture.
Equipment - All valeters like to use different equipment but all cars should end up with the same result
Drive in hand car wash - They are a cost effective option, but many will use strong chemicals which can be harmful to paintwork and alloy wheels and they have to turn cars around as quick as possible to make money.  Another problem is you can go once and get a good job done but the next time it could be a completely different valeter.  Alternatavly using a valeting company like us is good for building a rapport with your valeter and knowing that they are there for you and your car and that it will be the same valeter every time
Automated car wash - Well what can I say about them that we don't already know , they leave swirl marks and scratches and ruin paintwork.  If your car is old and has blebs of rust and stone chips etc, going through a car wash can strip paint, remove lacquer and just damage your overall paint on the car.  Here at splash-n-dash we use diffrent chemicals for rubbers, wheels, paint, glass, chrome, tyres and plastic, THEY DONT!
A bad Valeter
  • They may not have insurance!
  • They may not be fully self sufficient! 
  • They often use basic equipment and chemicals so it is cost effective!
  • They may not been trained so have a bad technique!
  • Their valets and services will often be limited!
  • They will not offer specialised services!
  • They may not be registerd to pay tax and NI
                 Ring us here at splash-n-dash can guarantee you dont have any of these problems we can ensure a professional service